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Maria March 29, 2023

The next thing that you need to decide is how you will deliver your lead magnet to your audience. There are several options, but the thing that you have to remember is that it needs to be simple and timely.

Once people submit their information they will want to receive what they signed up for right away. There are a few delivery system options you should consider.

Old Fashioned Snail Mail – Going to the post office to mail something to your leads is costly, time consuming, and not the best way to provide an incentive to sign up for your email list. This isn’t to say that you can’t offer premiums that you mail, but that is more like a gift for purchasing than a true lead magnet. Still, there are many people who offer a lead magnet that’s a physical item and must be mailed. Examples include CDs, DVDs, product samples, and physical books.

Email Attachments – With this method, you wait until someone signs up and then you physically attach the lead magnet to an email and send it to them.  There are many disadvantages to this method. Your file may be too large for them to receive in email, you may accidentally miss someone, and your prospects could get frustrated with the whole thing.  Not to mention, it would be hard to track. Additionally, you lose out on the potential benefits of adding other calls to action on a download page.

Download Page – You can make a dedicated download page using a pre-made template in the BeInfinite.co platform. This involves making a PDF version of you’re lead magnet and uploading it to your file manager located within the platform. Then once located you can simply link the This method can work very well once you know what you’re doing or can afford to outsource the work.

Automatic Systems Tools & Plugins – One of the easiest ways to deliver your lead magnet is to use an automated system like Beinfinte that does all the work for you. The platform is very efficient for managing multiple lead magnets and opt-in pages at the same time. When properly set up, they will deliver your lead magnet immediately. Plus, you’ll have at your fingertips a lot of inside analytic information to learn from.

The main disadvantage is that you will need some knowledge to set the platform up but you can also contact the team at Beinfinite.co and can give you an affordable quote for setting up your whole lead magnet system. Even with setting up the platform yourself the advantages of many of these systems often outweigh the disadvantages.

Luckly for you we have picked out the best solution for you.

The BeInfinite Platform

This system is relatively simple to use. If you know how to use Microsoft, you’ll be able build a landing page with the BeInfinite platform. You can use it to build high converting landing pages of all kinds quickly. Email marketing and automation is even built right into the platform on top of that works in conjunction with most email autoresponders too.

Most people claim to be able to make a new mobile responsive landing page in less than ten minutes,once they learn the system. There are a wide range of prices to suit all budgets.

Email Marketing & Automation

The email marketing and automation within the BeInfinite platform is has advanced features like split testing, and the ability to track stats.

With BeInfinite you can create popups, slide-in forms, ribbon-style forms that appear at the top or bottom of your screen, 2-step opt-in links or buttons plus much more.

Appointment Booking

Another added a feature of the platform is that you can after your leads have access to you’re lead magnet now they can be redirected to setup a one on one with you. A one on one is a great way for you to get to know they and their pain point better.

It offers a simple WYSIWYG and a drag and drop editor is available with several templates that are responsive and work fast. It includes all the page elements you’d want for designing your opt-in page as well as your download page.  All you’ll need to do on the download page to deliver your lead magnet is insert the link to wherever you are storing the files.

The cost for the Beinfinite platform is monthly and yearly. You can get a health discount for going for the yearly as well.

When evaluating each option, consider what you already use, and what will work seamlessly and easily with the resources that you already have. This will save both time and money because you won’t need to start from scratch if you already have some systems in place.

Here’s a simple series of steps you can follow to help you choose the right tools and software for your lead magnet delivery system.

  1. Analyze what you already have, such as hosting, autoresponder service, and website (Beinfinite Platform).
  2. Write down your criteria, such as price, and what software you already have that the tools need to integrate with.
  3. Use free trials to see which one works best for you. What’s easy for one person is hard for the next.
  4. Choose one delivery option and get started.

Action Steps:

  1. Identify how you will deliver your lead magnet based on the options in this module or any tools you already own or have access to.

As you explore each option, consider the following and take notes:

  1. What types of web services are you currently using (WordPress, html pages etc.)? How well will this tool work with your current technology? Does it save me time?
  2. How comfortable are you with using this tool? How easy will it be for you to implement?