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Focus Conclusion

Being focused is a great challenge in these modern times when distraction comes from all sides. But you should acknowledge that the sources of distractions, from mobile phones and the Internet to people trying to talk to you are things that you can’t also do completely without. This means that you just need to make do with these distractions by learning to limit their stream and their impact on your life.

It helps to be fully devoted to the cause of finding focus by showing willingness to make both minor and major changes. You can start small anyway by clearing your desk, avoiding clutter in the office or at home, or testing the waters by disconnecting a few minutes to a few hours every day. When you’re strong enough to focus for hours or even for days, knowing that you won’t lose or miss anything significant for doing so, you would see the real beauty of a peaceful and quiet environment. This, in turn, will help you become a more productive and creative individual. 

If you want to make an even bigger change, you might want to help people find focus in their lives too. Start by telling them about how it’s doing wonders for you. Then, show them how you’re enjoying life now as a more focused person. If they refuse to give in, be patient and make do with the change that they can take.

As what this book has discussed, learn to go with the flow. Don’t control the uncontrollable. Be flexible. Be strong in the face of distractions. Only then will you be able to focus and be a productive member of your home, office, and society in general.