The Business Minds · November 21, 2020

What Is 90 Day Business Goals Journal?

We designed this action guide with the idea that it helps you break down your yearly business goals into an actionable 3-month plan.

What You’ll Get From 90 Day Business Goals Journal

With the 90 Day Business Goals Journal, you can expect to take away lots of new knowledge. You can also expect to…

  • Access exclusive content, designed specifically for this Course.
  • Meet new people who are also interested in learning about this subject.
  • Make better, more well-informed decisions with all of your new knowledge.

What We Expect From You

As with any Course, you’ll learn more if you stay engaged with the material and actively participate in the community. Here are a few things that you can contribute to our Course community, and get the most bang for your buck:

  • Be active in the community. One of the best parts about 90 Day Business Goals Journal is that it’s part of a community. Share your thoughts and ideas, and let us know what you’re learning as you work through the material.
  • Engage with your peers. We’re all in this together, and we’ll learn a whole lot more (AND have more fun) if we help each other out.
  • Ask and answer questions. Feeling stuck or confused? We’re here for you. Share your questions, and we’ll help you work through them.

Don’t forget, 90 Day Business Goals Journal is part of the larger community of The Business Minds. Add specific information, ideas, and questions about the Course in our Course Activity Feed, or start a discussion on a larger topic in the main Network Activity Feed.

We’ve prepared some awesome material for you, and we’re so excited for you to get

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